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The Issues

A Project Manager by trade with extensive community involvement, I have the skills and experience to help the Olympia School District directly address the issues we're facing. Read on to learn about how I want to see us be better together, as we work towards becoming a school district that we can again be proud of! 


Academic Excellence: 

Focusing on high academic proficiency will attract families back to the district. Academic excellence is a goal that can be attained, and our students can have hope that the Olympia School District offers them an incredible array of opportunities to find their own flavor of excellence. Each of our schools face their own unique challenges to this as we continue to recover from the pandemic, and I am committed to engaging with each of them to remove the barriers that stand in the way. 

Community Involvement: 

I'm committed to engaging directly and regularly with the communities and listening to all voices. By being a regular presence in our schools and communities, we will earn their trust as I bring their perspectives to the conversation. 

Fiscal Responsibility:

We need more open discussions, community involvement, and outside perspectives. I will work tirelessly to investigate ways that we can keep what is working inside our schools while bolstering relationships with local community organizations so that our students can still be met where they're at with the supports that they need. 

Staff Support: 

Through a more regular and engaged presence in the schools and our communities, the staff inside our schools will have a direct line to the Board through me. I look forward to bringing their voice to the Board! 

School Safety: 

A first order of business for me has been -- and will continue to be -- reconnecting with local law enforcement to once again work in tandem and cooperatively with them. Reinstating the School Resource Officer (SRO) program will be beneficial for students, staff, overall school safety, and relationships with community law enforcement as we work to turn the tide on our shared perceptions of law enforcement. 

There is overwhelming community support for SROs to be in our schools, and we have made some progress on this issue recently; let's do this right for the safety and welfare of our school staff and our students! 


Sex-ed is mandated by the state. Schools have a responsibility to inform parents of the curriculum and provide room for opt-outs based on parents' decisions for their own children. I intend to earn the trust of the parents by ensuring transparency and honesty in the future. 


I desire for parents to be MORE involved. A partnership between parents and educators is critical to providing the students with the all-around support that they need to thrive. But I also understand that everybody's situation is unique in ways that may prevent getting more involved. I want those families to also know that they are not alone, and that they have an advocate on the Board as well. 

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion: 

I've demonstrated that I do everything in a relationship-first manner, and I'm very much FOR every single student and supporting their families. I want to see our educators and administrators be empowered to do what makes them incredible: engaging with their hearts to meet every kid exactly where they’re at. 

True equity is exhausting every effort to make sure that every unique kid doesn’t miss their chance to find their own unique flavor of excellence!  

Closing Schools: 

I intend to do everything possible to avoid school closures. The ripples into the future would be far too impactful to the communities that are built around these schools. 


...More questions?

I'd be happy to answer more questions, and you can engage with me directly through my campaign page on Facebook or reach out via the contact info at the bottom of this page! 

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